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I DON'T TEXT: Please go back and read that again if you did not "get it". And so WHY TEXT? As I understand it this site is a 100% free for sending and receiving messages: You MUST write something (more than simply "Hi!/How are you?"-Duh?) or I will be able to determine that you have all too little to say and share about your life for us to be compatible. As it is written "Out of the abundance of the heart a man (inclusive of women) speaks". So what is the abundance of your heart, your values, faith, virtues, yearnings, interests and priorities? Is there nothing there or something worthwhile by Christian standards you wish to share to help a man decide that you are indeed right for him?)

Seeking Christian, (including Biblically literate Catholic, what few there are of you), never-married single or widowed lady (NOT divorced, separated, legally separated nor even annulled); Caucasian only, non-smoker, Bible student and Word/life integrator who enjoys reading, can type well, is intelligent, creative in some way, enjoys cuddling and when married much much more: She is meant by God to be my friend, spouse, lover, muse and IF well off literary/media patron in that order.

As a 64 y.o., never as yet married, Caucasian, Christian Catholic man (not all Catholics being Christian because our clergy have failed to teach us to study the Word and live by it and take initiative to employ our resources and talents not just to save souls but to enable them to employ their talents in the service of God and the eternally common good of all), I have found that there is no media steward infrastructure for the spiritual and professional formation of talented Catholics such as writers of fiction like myself (I've 2 Catholic-cultural novels and one for youth and 9 non-fiction works, all indie-published but no means to market them): THERE ARE NO Catholic literary agents anywhere to be found willing to represent Catholic cultural (i.e. pro-life) novels to traditional publishers for our novels the consequence being no options for motion picture versions of our work... resulting in the media and so the world turning now in the wrong direction on the pen-points and key-boards of secular, anti-Christian writers of fiction.

(You can find only one or two "Catholic" female literary agents online (among the hundreds of secular literary agents) but who will not touch their fellow Churchman's literary works owing to the contrast in values they share... And we wonder why the world is in the mess that it's in! So I, like many other talented Catholic writers, remain all talented up with nowhere to go with our works (there being shamefully and scandalously but two or maybe three Catholic publishers willing to take such fiction, and these are bottle-necked with the manuscripts being sent to them) nor have many of us the funds to get anywhere were there a place to employ our talents in the service of God and the eternally common good of all as large-scale Christian cultural influences.

So what else is there for me/us to do but seek not merely the funding we need but the faith-filled and charity-motivated spouses we could never find in the work environments of the media infrastructure schools that have never existed! I would not mind being married to an intelligent (indeed, an intellectual), attractive lady who seeks a faithful husband but who is also willing to help serve as a patron of the literary and media/arts as a means to make known not only the Gospel for saving souls but the guidelines of Jesus whereby Churchmen can learn to take the initiative to discover and implement our seven universal resources (I'll be happy to name them to you and their root verses in the Bible) as OUR means to meet both the spiritual and material needs of those who are born with the capacity to steward those resources but who are not born with equal or at all sufficient measures of such to employ them via their talents toward helping still others as well. (Please pardon the long sentence: Consider it a test of your intellect for holding ideas together comprehensively.)

(It would be good if my prospective spouse enjoys reading and can type as well.)

I am a fish out of water here in Augusta, Georgia. And so if there is a spiritually growing woman of significant means (or at least complementary talent) out there who is also attractive in face and form and who is at least willing to spend as much time studying the Word as she spends looking into mirrors, I would be very grateful to hear from her. If she asks for the net address she can view my 12 books via my web site to get to know me better and how I think and can thereat view the titles and the URLs, the latter of which she can cut and paste to her browser leading to the photo covers and descriptions at the E-store of my indie publisher, the addresses of which I will provide you upon your inquiry. No need to buy anything as I will also be glad to send you PDF files of each entire manuscript to read via email to help you become oriented with my faith, thinking and ministry. I thank you for reading this! May God bless you with the wisdom to make the right decision!
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Single / Never married
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Work at home
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Friendly, Clever / Quick Witted
Arts, Community Service, Dining, Movies, Listening to Music, Reading, Religion, Travel, Gardening


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