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Rich Women Looking For Poor Men on the Internet are increasingly popular. They use the Internet Dating Site to find such guys. Rich women seeking poor men who are handsome and strong is common these days. Of course, most of them are old and want to find young guys for romance and relationship. There are many men who want to find a rich girlfriend. Where do they find a rich woman? You can find her at the online dating sites. That’s right. There are many single wealthy women looking for young men on the internet.

Beautiful Single WomenAre you the guy who wants to look for a rich lady? A wealthy woman is the one who is flaunted with a luxury villa, a private jet, and an expensive car, and so on. She is out there looking for you, so what should you do?

Online dating is the solution to find her. If you go to single clubs or bars, then you are on the wrong track. Rich women are not looking for poor men there. The internet dating sites are the place you can meet a rich lady. On this modern century, people use the Internet to buys things and look for things. So, rich women seeking poor men use online dating services to find their dream mate.

What dating sites are the best to find rich women seeking men?

Don’t get fool to search for key terms like “millionaire dating”, “rich singles”, “wealthy women” and so on. That won’t work. You just use regular dating sites and search for “single women”, “American singles”, and etc. You will see many of these best sites that show up on the first page of Google. You pick a few sites and sign up with them.

Register your personal ad at such sites and write about what type of person you are looking for. Each day, you keep sending out some messages to new ladies, send kisses, instant messages, etc. After a month or so, you have many female friends. Go to read on each profile and find out whether or not she has a big home, expensive car, etc.

Rich woman standing in front of the luxury villa

Rich woman standing in front of the luxury villa

You must keep in mind that dating wealth women is to put yourself in a higher level. If she is a rich woman, then she must be surrounded by many cool and hot men. You should think about a unique way to win her heart forever. It is worth it to have a rich girlfriend, really. You think about your luxury lifestyle you are enjoying in the future, sleeping until whatever time you like, then have breakfast on the bed, going out golfing, eat dinner in expensive restaurants, get home, go to bed and enjoy romance. That’s life of dating a wealthy lady. Here are some tips for you.

Your body and appearance are very important. It is not only about your big and long “tool” size, but your personal appearance is the price tag you need to pay attention to. You are one of the below average guys about finance or materials so you can’t afford to pay for her luxury gifts and so on. What you have is your unique appearance that she can’t find from other men so pay attention to this.

Communication is the second most important thing you need to learn. She is a rich girl so she has power. She has servants. She has everything she needs. She needs a guy who is not only her loyal servant but also her loyal man who makes her happy and fun all times. So you must learn how to talk to her the way no other guys can.

Self confidence is the last important thing you need to have. She is a rich woman so she has power. You need to have confidence to deal with all barriers and conflicts in her life. If she needs to have some ideas, then make sure you give her the best ones to solve her problems. Don’t ever be angry at her no matter what. Don’t ever lose your confidence because that means you lose her attraction, so it turns out you may lose her. Be confident.

Rich woman sitting in a private jet

Rich woman sitting in a private jet

Anyway, there are many single Rich Women Seeking Poor Men online waiting at Free Dating Service at, take action to find one for you.

P.S. If you are interested in seeking a wealthy single lady, then please write on the comment box below. Try to write as long as you can about your personality, background, interests, likes, hobby, and your personal looks, height, weight, education, marital status, and why you are interested in dating or marry a rich woman. YOU MUST WRITE AT LEAST 5 SENTENCES ON COMMENT BOX TO GET APPROVED.

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  1. My Name Is Brian I’m Here Looking To Date I’m Very OutGoing Love To Have Fun I’m Careing Loving Have A Good Heart I’m 5’4″ Average Weight Have Brown Eyes Brown Hair I Live In Texas I Like Fishing Camping Hunting Playing Video Games Movies Love To Cook My Interest Are Sometime In My Lifetime Move To Alaska And Buy Some Land I Would Love To Have That Someone To Go With Me And Make A Life With I’ve Been Married Before Have A Daughter You Will See In The Picture If You Need Me To Answer Any Questions Just Ask

  2. I need a rich and beautiful lady who will take of my needs and I will give her love, companionship and good love. I am a retired weightlifting coach, strong and healthy. I live in Nigeria and ready to travel any where if the inducement is right. Love email is

  3. Hi
    I am Razu from bangladesh. I am 38 years old and i am a man. My hight 5’3” inch. My body collor are fair .
    I am lokking a women who reach settle in usa or canada or any europian union country also asia . I am POST GRADUATE from National University .
    If any rich women interested to marry me then contact me .
    My all contact information are down stairs.


    NAME : Md. Abdur Rouf “Razu”
    HIGHT : 5’3”
    BODY TYPE : Normal
    WEBSITE : Razuraj
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  4. Hello I am in Swaziland Africa wonderful and good human sweet expandable and indispensable, can cross many lines honest caring single know what u want is what u get. know I am the missing link in your life women of my dreams. I don’t have anything much but Luv and care want a wealthy and wonderful woman.

  5. Hey lovely your looking great how are you doing today beautiful hope you’re really doing well today I’m Devin Nichols born and raised in Dallas Texas I’m new here hopefully to find the woman of my dreams someday who will always love and cherish me for whom I am…..

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    But i want richest girl.
    I’m 22 year old only.
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  7. Please help us
    We are all born to die?
    Our communities are full of affection and love, we have been in this world from the time immemorial to us: we have started our journey with no definite destination or objective, have no home not even shelter. We are facing oppression, injustice, injury and violence, yet we never complained. We are simple people far away from crime, guilt and offense. But no one associates with us. The people have annexed us treating us uncommon, unconnected and unwanted; we announce to the world, we are innocent.
    Is it our fault if we are born as Gypsies, toddy tapers, butchers, dustman, scavengers and construction workers? We promise the whole world our sincerity, integrity and faithfulness. Please treat us fairly not with cruelty, negligence and unkind.
    People have categorised and placed us at the lowest level, while the others enjoy luck, fortune and comfort. Like others we are also hungry, we want to study, we have dreams to shine like stars in the horizon. Yes we can do it. Now, many of us are studying in engineering and B.Pharma. Without external help it is not possible to complete the course we have taken.
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  8. I’m am self relying and some what independent but not really looking for money. As much as I’m looking for a independent woman that is really seeking love.Love is more important than money but living a financially stable life has it p!Ace in our society!!!

  9. My name is Cat Man Joans. I am a well educated honest and sincere person. I respect all women. I am looking for some one who would like to start a school in India. I like to educate children from preschool to pre College. I have the experience and the required technique to start a school. Interested persons please reply. o my e mail. Thank you

  10. Hi there,

    Any single & mature lady would have a pleasure of mine as soul mate.
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  11. Hi there ,im wenndell 34 years old i live in philippines m looking for an open minded woman . Im a single man here neven been married . Ive never been married because i have no enough money to manage a happy family.if you like me please contact me my gmail. my skype.wlumbatan my viber number (+63) 09357054285

  12. i am juma. looking for rich lady to marry. I am a man with a college knowledge, creative and god fearing. I am looking for rich lady because i want learn from her about how to overcome challenges and threats towards gaining wealth. i think i will enjoy to learn from someone who is your wife. i also have some resources and ideas to share with her advance her wealth

    Iam looking for a woman that is real no game someone that needs a man that she cam mole Him in the way she liks to have her man 856 896-1332 Kenneth Latimore Need someone to love.

  14. Kevin, (25) African from kenya…still young, energetic n ambitious, please help me find a woman who can assist me in paying my bills.. I don’t mind about age… Al b willing to do anything for her….I like having fun and music, also like smiling a lot n making jokes that will make u ?
    Currently I am a bartender, working at a restaurant and making cocktails is my passion, thank u

  15. hi there how are you doing,hope i find you name is thomas.i live in the UK in a town called bedford in bedfordshire.i am looking for an open minded lady.
    i am black african born in zimbabwe 48years old,caring,good listener and willing to learn new things in life and i enjoy cooking,going out,dancing,watching tv and chilling at indoors as well.
    i hope to hear from you soon…
    cheers thomas..
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  16. I’m a 42yr old black man that’s? 5’10 195pounds. I’m tired of been used for the little things I have and having a good big heart. I want to know how it feels to be loved? and spoiled for real. I truly want to be appreciated for the loving person I am. I want a lady that truly know how to treat her man and show me I’m her every thing and I will show her how a Queen is supposed to be loved and feel.If interested please email me or call or text 6363629831.

  17. exquisite young strong guy lookin for a beautiful sugar mama from anywhere around the globe. call or app me on +263717851621

  18. I’m just a single man here never been married no kids.I want to find a rich,lovable and caring woman. I’m 5’10 196 pounds athletic build. I’m from the Philippines. filipino/ american with a spanish mix. I just want to meet a woman that will like or love me for being me inside and out. A woman that will accept me for who i am inside and out. thank you.
    respectfully yours.

  19. Hi it’s me Zimik … M physically attractive and very strong . But I still didn’t get married because I don’t have much money to run families . M 27years old now

  20. I’m 27 and i m looking for a good woman to spend the rest of my life with. I am a heard working, lovely and hansom guy.

  21. Hello to all the beautiful ladies that may read this message.
    My name is Daniel and I’m 23 years old. I live on the Gold coast in Australia were I work 10hr days in the construction industry.
    I’m 6’3 and athletic build. Dark hair and remarkably handsome. I have a very entrepreneurial mindset and strive to get 150% out of life.
    I’m an adrenaline junkie with a love for extreme sports. My passion is skydiving, I have 120 jumps and aim for 10000 in my lifetime.
    I’m seeking a companion to love and appreciate, in exchange for financial support in my life’s ambition’s.
    I’m am a very lovable guy with ton’s of joy and enthusiasm . Contact me
    I hope to hear from someone!

  22. My name is emad.i like games,movies,dancing,traveling.
    I am 170cm wieght is 65kg.i am not married.i am colleage student.i like rich women because i like them and i like money.

  23. iam looking for ay hot women that i can love and be loved haveing fun going out i dont care abont money i just one ay women that i can make love with i want ay women just for me i will take of you the best i can iam 70 but dont look my age i have black hair short blue eyes 5;11 i have never ben no place i live in hamilton ont i never go places give me ay call 289 396 6740 sonny

  24. i am a guy aged 39 and currently in Nigeria but presently living in cape town south African and looking for a women to love.i am poor and i come from a poor background but i am strong and fit and am adventurous.i am lovely,honesty, caring and God fearing. i need to find someone who i can show love one who is lonely and also one who can assist me to upgrade my life and i also show her the love that i got.for one who is thirsty of love and need a good man you can use my email listed below.
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  25. hello, all rich women’s firstly I wish to you am Manju from India Bangalore am suffering from money problems that’s why anyone wants to help to poor handsome boys, please help me then you wants to any work in my side I will do ,I promise. Contact me,
    Mob:- 9964887475

  26. Hi my name is Michael and I am looking for a wealthy woman I am a good honest hard working man is there a rich woman who will fall in love with a average man like myself

  27. Hi again. I’m Jerry Canaday. Forgot to leave a picture. That might help. I’m 68 and looking for a good woman to spend my days and nights with to love and help her have a good life without being lonely. I know how that is and it’s not fun. I have had a descent life and lost my wife to cancer. It will be a blessing to have a fine woman around so I can take care of her with what ever her needs. I’m a say back guy but not afraid to get my hands dirty either. Be glad to get someone to get back to me and get to know each other. I do live in the USA

    • Please find me a woman who want to spent time with a young boy like me…. I am Kevin(25) from Kenya… And who will assist me paying my bills.. My contact is +254799568910

  28. am Micah Abraham. from Nigeria studying at. university of Maiduguri am 20 years old residing in Maiduguri am. single am seriously in need of. a sweetheart that will love me and provide for me financially because is hard for me here is my. contact +2348037292041 seriously I promise I will. love u I will be. happy if u will help my. music carrier ( gospel musics) thank u love u .

  29. i am a guy aged 34 and currently in zimbabwe and looking for a women to love.i am poor and i come from a poor background but i am strong and fit and am adventurous.i am lovely,honesty, caring and God fearing. i need to find someone who i can show love one who is lonely and also one who can assist me to upgrade my life and i also show her the love that i got.for one who is thirsty of love and need a good man you can use my email listed below.

  30. Hi I’m looking for friends with benefits would love to travel anywhere you want to go I’m not a rich person but I know how to treat a woman
    206 321 2425

  31. I m looking for beautiful women strong love or life partner I’m really looking for Someone Honest,Caring, Romantic,Kind, Posses Great Sense of Humor, Understanding,Intelligent, Respectful and Trust Worthy. I’m matured person I m from Bangladeshi Citizen. My age /old 55 years. I’m loyalty and fair handsome man, my body figure very strong. and I’m so romantic and excited to romance love and long-term relationship with me any age any caste doesn’t matter, I every time like for Love to travel and enjoy the life time, Any Religion I can accepted. Now I m looking for Life Partner but you are agree I must married for you we will see you will like me means contact me at any time only serious women, Any women can you trusted me or believe me, you are really interested me or like me please give me direct email address, at any time contact my email :

  32. Hello I am Edward from Birmingham Al.very layed back an a one man woman! just love to keep a smile on her face an love of fire running through her heart. a man of actions an lil talk.

  33. hello I m vinod from haryana karnal.I m middle class boy .I m found a serious rentionship and true female friend .if you are also in search for a living and caring man here are my contact. my whatsapp no is 7206108365

  34. I’m 68 and looking for a good woman that I spend the rest of my life with. I am on social security and can’t make it on my own. I am not looking for getting anyone’s money. Just want to live my life in some type of comfort. I would like to live in the country and away for the city bull. If your are interested I have left my email address. If you have any questions I’ll be glad to answer.

  35. hi you are looking so cute , i am male 38 from Bangalore looking for female to have lots of fun, in secret, i am aromatic guy , i love music , dance , cooking and romance. i love doggy style, if any one from Bangalore looking for love with me pls send your details by mail to my Id

    give one chance and see i will be nice partner for you

  36. Hello,am Gabriel humble and respectful lovely peace maker,am so interesting with sugar mummy,if you like me to be your partner you just whatsapp me on this line or you can call me anytime every day +233248628022

  37. I’m a 75 year old man that looks and acts at least 10 years younger. I’m healthy.handsome, intellight, well travelled, good sense of humor, good dancer. Sexually I am clean, experienced, very considerate. Retired engineer, professional sales 35 years, lovely home. I’m not poor but because of divorce and bad investments I don’t lI’ve like I did when I earned $120,000 annually. Looking for class and intelligence in a woman too.

  38. Hello my Charlie , It just be nice to find TRUE LOVE Happiness in my life time. I’ve been divorced over 10 years + and 40 years old . I’m true to my heart and soul and have respect for women. Love the outdoors fun and with sense of humor. Any questions…

  39. I’m a 45 year old south African with a 26 year old daughter. I’m a former professional nurse with icy training. Now working for insurance. I’m looking for ANY COLOR women looking for serious relationship to build a life together anywhere in the world. I’m very business minded.I’m ready for love

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